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How I Developed My Hunger for Journal Writing


Creative journal writing

Food grabbed from a fast food place and eaten in a rush in the car on the way to work is a meal. Fresh, healthy food prepared and enjoyed with family and friends in a cozy, familiar setting is also a meal.  I don’t think many would argue there are significant differences between the two. Both have a purpose and a function.  But if I really want nourishment, far beyond what the body needs to operate, I would choose that shared meal with loved ones.

I feel the same about these handcrafted leather journals from India. As far as holding ink, there's not much difference between one of these journals and something that comes mass produced in a choice of color and maybe how widely the lines are spaced.

But when I hold one of these journals in my hands, I can feel the time, craftsmanship, and skill that went into making it. The handmade paper has a beautiful raw feel to it that inspires creative thought; it invites the ideas to flow through me right onto the textured pages. The smell of the leather gives me an appreciation for everything that went into it's creation, clearly not part of any scaled mass production. The weight of the journal in my hands gives gravity to the thoughts and creative ideas stored on these pages.

Leather journal on coffee table

I can truly sense the artisan and his/her skill as I hold this work of art in my hand, no two alike, and it just feels like the right place to nurture my creativity, my ideas (the most polished as well as the ones on wobbly legs), and most of all it is a place to capture my current state of mind which is shaping my future as we speak. Someday it will be nice to look back and see just how I got to where I am.

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