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The Benefits of Barefoot Journaling



“…healthy feet can hear the very heart of Holy Earth…” - Sitting Bull


I take off my shoes and socks, my sandals or flip flops and put them aside.  I grab my journal, a pen, and head outside barefoot to connect to the earth.  This energetic connection is also known as "grounding" or "earthing."   I may find a tree or rock to sit up against and settle my feet onto the ground. Or I walk in the grass, sand, or mud, over rocks and dirt, or maybe into a river, lake, or ocean.  Wherever I am in nature, I take the opportunity to connect and “hear the very heart of Holy Earth.”

The earth is continually vibrating to cleanse and repair itself, and by connecting through grounding we may also cleanse and repair. The earth vibrates at a rate equal to our brainwaves when they are in a relaxed, meditative state. By connecting directly to the ground we unconsciously begin to vibrate at the same rate as the earth, thus creating a state of calm where anxiety is reduced and serenity is achieved.

Studies also suggest that the act of grounding has positive effects on our physical health.  When we directly connect to earth our bodies show improved blood flow, which in turn oxygenates our tissues to assist in cell repair and function.  This process improves our overall immunity.  

The list of the benefits associated with journaling is a long one.  Writing for 15 to 20 minutes three to five times a week has been shown to lower blood pressure and improve other immune functions.  The physical act of journaling; putting pen to paper (not texting or keyboarding), actually releases dopamine, a neurotransmitter that helps improve mood and regulates emotional responses.  This regulation strengthens our emotional functions.  The act of writing keeps the area of our brain associated with rational and analytical thoughts occupied.  This provides us a fantastic opportunity to create and feel.

Journaling, like grounding, reduces stress, improves memory, boosts mood and lessens cardiovascular risks.  So why not try both at the same time?

Doesn’t it make a lot of sense that combining grounding with journaling would greatly benefit our health, happiness and wellbeing?  Sure does to me! If you like what you've read I bet you’re already barefoot, right?  So grab your journal and go commune with nature.  Your connection awaits.  Mother Earth has been waiting for you to answer her call and give you an opportunity to write about your long overdue connection.  Your thoughts, feelings and emotions are ready to be written.

“If you’re not barefoot then your overdressed.” - Unknown

Where is your favorite place to ground and journal?

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